what were we thinking?

well, we're still not really sure, but we know it was the best (and craziest) decision we ever made.


once upon a time, in the year 2009, we decided to be adventurous and quit our 'real' jobs because, well, we hated them. with no money and no business plan, we decided to open a teeny-tiny business in the village of fishkill with absolutely no idea how to run one. we've certainly come a long way, and after 10 years, we now know we did the right thing! look at us go!


we're as 'small business' as it gets, sometimes we have kids running around the office, sometimes we take 4-hour "lunch breaks", sometimes we're here until the wee hours of the morning assembling invites. our customers will never have to wonder who they are working with and where it's coming from. it's just us. when you call - you get us. when you come in - you get us. designing, printing, assembling, billing (sweating, lugging boxes of paper...) all us.


we love paper and patterns and design. we create beautiful things, for amazing people. we took a chance, somehow it's working and here we are, loving our jobs and living the dream - one design at a time

we know weddings

not to say we're experts, but...

we kind of are. after specializing in wedding stationery for over 10 years, we have literally seen and done it all.


sure you can sift through templates online or pick out of an old dusty book, but why, when we know weddings.


of course you're not experienced in wedding stationery, but we are. we are real people with real advice. we know the answers to your questions. we know all the current trends and stats. what's the proper etiquette?  how to address your envelopes?  how to word your 'unique' family situation?  how far in advance everything should be mailed? we know weddings.


you set the date. we set the tone.

your invitations are your guests' first glimpse into your wedding. they should match your personal style, reflect you as a couple and set the tone for your big day. EVERYTHING we do, for EVERY client is 100% custom. with every client, we start with a blank slate and end with a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind.  why waste time and energy searching for the 'perfect' invitation when we will just create it for you. wedding planning is stressful enough, let us check one thing off your list.


Not to toot our own horn,

but check out what other's are saying about us...

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Hudson Valley Magazine’s Best of the Hudson Valley Winner - 2017, 2018

Best of Borrowed & Blue Winner - 2016, 2017


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